social activities that don’t revolve around food

We are a society of food-centric social gatherings: dinner dates, potluck parties, appetizers after work, pizza-and-a-movie nights, banquets with buffets. When you have a food allergy, these events can be more stressful than enjoyable, as you can never be completely sure whether food is safe unless you’ve prepared it. I’m the type of girl that’s beyond happy to just sit somewhere, sip cherry coke, and chat while my friends eat, but some people get put off by that. Sometimes I just take a rain check when my friends are planning to go somewhere I’m not comfortable eating. But usually, I propose an alternative activity – one that doesn’t revolve around a meal. And there are plenty of fun things that don’t, so in honor of Food Allergy Awareness Week 2011, here’s a list of some:

  • just getting coffee
  • attending a concert
  • going to the beach
  • going to the park
  • bowling
  • ice skating
  • going out dancing
  • going to a sporting event (football game, hockey game, etc.)

To learn more about food allergies, see this blog post or visit the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network.

1 thought on “social activities that don’t revolve around food

  1. I love this! My food allergies used to be pretty severe when I was a kid, so I can definitely appreciate non-food related activities. Even now, I’d much rather get tea somewhere or go for a walk. Great suggestions!

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