lent 2011

My best friend challenged me to give up coffee for Lent. It took some strong persuasion on her part, but eventually I caved. It’s only 40 days. She’s doing the same for an equal vice of her own. We agreed to make it work and support each other, so it should be doable for both of us (and it should help me with that New Year’s resolution I made).

The last time I gave up coffee for any extended period of time was the end of sophomore year. I quit caffeine cold turkey a little before finals (worst timing ever, in retrospect). I lasted three weeks, at which point I started my first full-time job. A 40-hour work week, combined with the fact that coffee was the social outing of choice for friends and co-workers, did me in.

Lent starts March 9th. This will be interesting.

Edit – March 11: Caffeine withdrawal brought this plan to a screeching halt. See this post.


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