mistakes i won’t repeat

  • Put a book in the suitcase I intend to check and expect to remember to take it out before I get through security at the airport (I won’t)
  • Leave my umbrella at home when the forecast calls for rain and the sky is completely overcast (unless I want to be soaked by the time I get to work)
  • Assume that if I have a GPS, I cannot possibly get lost (I will)
  • Believe that anything heals other than time, chocolate, and good friends (nothing else does)
  • Try to grocery shop at Giant Eagle right before a Steelers game (good luck finding a cart!)

things that make me feel old

  • a younger sibling about to turn 17 years old
  • a third grade cousin talking about using flash drives for school projects and remembering that I used floppy disks at that age
  • realizing that the first Toy Story film came out over 15 years ago
  • hearing 90’s music on an oldies station
  • balancing my checkbook
  • using expressions like “where I grew up” and “when I was in college” in conversation
  • people asking my parents if I’m dating anyone seriously / planning to get married soon
  • a newly developed habit of watching CNN

five things

1. i finally decided on a graduate school and now it’s starting to hit me that i’m really moving in june.

2. i’m back to drinking coffee. originally, i had this whole post written out explaining how my resolution failed but it really comes down to two words: need. caffeine.

(that and making major lifestyle changes [i.e. quitting coffee cold turkey] mid-semester is really a horrible idea)

3. this entire post is in lowercase letters because it’s a monday.

4. it’s spring break week.

5. i stumbled across this mirrored dressing table while looking for apartment-decorating ideas. i’m sort of in love with it. i’m thinking a vintage furniture shop is my best bet for finding something like it.

to-do list

I had a staggering reminder of the fragility of life recently. It was one of those bone-chilling moments when you realize how little it takes and how quickly something can happen. Everyone is fine, but the impact is lingering — two full weeks later. So as I continue to process the incident, discuss the meaning of life with my budding philosopher of a best friend, and mull over the extremely cliché blog entries I could write about making every moment count, I’ve started to come up with a list of things I want to do/accomplish.

The term “bucket list” or “things to do before I die” seemed kind of bleak (especially for a non-smoking college student with no major health problems), so I just went with the classic catch-all heading: to-do.

  • visit every continent
  • read the complete works of William Shakespeare
  • actually take advantage of student rush tickets
  • spend at least a month living in Europe
  • visit all fifty U.S. states
  • become a published author
  • earn a doctoral degree
  • appear in the pages of Vogue
  • go to all four major tennis tournaments (Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open, U.S. Open) in the same year
  • sing at an open mic night at a coffee shop
  • go scuba diving
  • swim with dolphins
  • read Les Misérables en français
  • have a full conversation in a foreign language with a native speaker of that language
  • travel to space
“We are always getting ready to live, never living.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson